DHS080-4-30A-1F single-channel optoelectronic slip ring with outer diameter 80mm, 4 channels 30A

DHS080-4-30A-1F series single-channel optoelectronic slip ring, with an outer diameter of 80mm, supports single-mode and multi-mode, uses optical fiber as a data transmission carrier, is suitable for harsh environments, and solves rotation transmission problems for optical series and optoelectronic systems.

Optoelectronic slip ring product features:

  • Composed of 4 channels of 30A electrical power and 1 channel of optical fiber;
  • Original low-loss optical coupling patented technology;
  • The installation is simple and fast, more than 10 times faster than its counterparts’ photoelectric slip rings;
  • The pass-through rate of optical fiber slip rings is as high as 100%;
  • Extremely low insertion loss and extremely high return loss;
  • The ring surface is very smooth and the surface roughness is <0.5μm, which avoids the phenomenon of brush filament flashing and early powder accumulation.

Typical applications:

Widely used in security monitoring, drones, robots, smart homes, Ethernet, rotary tables, automation equipment, high-definition video signal transmission, microwave communications, medical equipment, sensor signal measurement, radar antenna signal transmission for meteorological and military purposes, etc.