DHS028-47-1F Ingiant Photoelectric slip ring diameter 28mm 47channels combine 1channel fiber optic slip ring

DHS028-47-1F Photoelectric rotary joint  Photoelectric slip ring (1 fiber channel + 47 channels) (2A)

The DHS028-47-1F series is an photoelectric rotary joint that can transmit 1 fiber channel and 47 signals (2A) at the same time. The overall outer diameter is very small (28mm), and the entire product is very compact, specifically designed for applications with requirements on space size.

Fiber slip ring parameters

Number of channels: 1
Working wavelength: 1310~1550nm;
Fiber type: single-mode fiber;
Connector type: ST;
Insertion loss: ≤2dB;
Insertion loss variation: ≤±0.5dB;
Pigtail length: Rotor end: 1000mm~1050mm;

Stator end: 1000mm~1050mm;

Product features

  • Large data transmission capacity, high transmission rate
  • Suitable for long-distance transmission
  • No packet loss, no electromagnetic interference
  • Compact design, light weight
  • Applicable to harsh environments
  • Extremely long service life