DHS085-16 Ingiant 85mm inner diameter servo encoder conductive slip ring for Siemens servo motors

DHS085-16 Series Servo Encoder Conductive Slip Ring

  • Servo encoder conductive slip ring, specially designed for Siemens servo motors, Schneider servo motors, Lenze servo motors, etc., with stable performance, very reliable, many years of field experience, no alarm, shutdown, etc.
  • Can be mixed with other switch signals and power lines, buses such as Profibus, Profinet… Can be mixed with other gas-liquid rotary joints.
  • Internal wiring and special shielding module design can completely eliminate encoder error codes. Gold-gold contact, extremely high reliability,
  • Many years of experience in using Siemens/Heidenhain large control systems.


Typical applications: Mainly used in various servo systems at home and abroad: such as Japan’s Yaskawa, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Germany’s Siemens servo motor, France’s Schneider servo motor, and China’s Delta servo motor, Huazhong CNC servo motor, Lechuang servo motor, Guangtai CNC, etc.;