DHS035-27-3A Non-standard customization solid shaft slip ring 27channels 3A

Non-standard customization solid shaft slip ring options:

  1. Customizable outlet mode and length of rotor and stator
  2. Due to structural constraints, it can be customized according to specified length or height or outer diameter.
  3. Supports up to 200 power currents or signals.
  4. Optional Aviation Plug, Terminal and Heat-shrinkable Tube
  5. Mixed high-speed data transmission (including Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS485, Profibus, Canbus, CANOPEN, DeviceNET, CC-LINK, ProfiNET, EtherNET and other industrial buses)
  6. Temperature control signal, thermocouple signal mixing
  7. Customization of special environment such as quakeproof and high temperature
  8. High temperature customization up to 500 degrees
  9. High voltage can be customized to 110 kV


Customizable parameters:

Route number, aperture, size, current, protection level, sliding ring speed

Combination transmission of video, USB, HDMI, optical fiber, radio frequency, Ethernet signal

Combination transfer gases and liquids