DHK100-20 Ingiant through hole Ethernet slip ring hole diameter 100mm with 1channel Gigabit Ethernet signal

Through hole Ethernet slip ring DHK100-20

DHK100-20 through hole Ethernet slip ring, with an inner diameter of 100mm and an outer diameter of 180mm. Can be used to install rotating systems with a shaft diameter less than or equal to 100mm, supporting 3 channels of 20A power, 8 channels of 2A signals, and 1 channel of Gigabit Ethernet.

Product features

  • Stable transmission of 1 channel Gigabit Ethernet signal
  • The contact part of the brush is coated with rare and precious metals, resulting in a long service life
  • Plug and play RJ45 interface
  • Dedicated Ethernet cable
  • Small size, easy to install
  • Maintenance free use
  • Stable transmission, no packet loss, no serial code, high return loss, low insertion loss

Typical applications

  • Small network systems
  • Video surveillance system
  • Stage control system
  • Industrial automation control
  • Various network cables and RJ45 interface transmission