DHK090-21 Hybrid slip rings for power, signal and ethernet hole diameter 90mm with hollow shaft

Hybrid slip rings with one or two feedthroughs for Ethernet

Small, medium or large slip rings for combined industrial fieldbus and power transmission. 100MBit to 100GBit transmission via standard or fibre optic cable. Advanced contacting technology for low contact resistance and optimised signal quality.

Advantages of the hybrid Ethernet slip rings from INGIANT

Our Ethernet slip rings offer you the following advantages:

  • Stable mounting
  • Robust, shielded housing
  • Long service life
  • High rotation speed
  • Large data transmission
  • Protection class IP 51, higher on request

The high-strength aluminium housing of the Ethernet slip ring is attached to any surface with a screw tab. Ideal are rotary connections such as shafts, journals or axles. The stator-rotor combination gives you arbitrary freedom of rotation in both directions.

This also includes rotation within a limited radius. The housing is radio-interference suppressed and protected against leaking or penetrating signals. Rotation speed and data rate leave nothing to be desired. Due to the selection of tested, robust materials, the Ethernet slip rings are very durable.