DHK050-60-5A Through Hole Slip Ring Double Heads Spot Welding Machine 60 Circuit diameter 50mm

DHK series through hole slip ring is currently the most cost-effective industrial slip ring inside a best-selling series of products, in many cases also known as hollow shaft conductive slip ring, through the hole, through the hole conductive slip ring, hollow shaft slip ring.

Mainly used in 360 degrees continuous rotation and need to ensure that the power supply, signal can not be interrupted: Such as all kinds of radar, security equipment, entertainment equipment, all kinds of robots, manipulators, all kinds of aerosols, all kinds of wind power generation equipment, bottle blowing machine, light inspection machine, all kinds of turntables, entertainment equipment, virtual 3D, VR equipment, vehicle satellite antenna, ship-borne satellite wire, cable reel, window cleaning machine equipment, rotating table, rotating stage, rotating screen, rotating restaurant, Electric engineering machinery, the latest VR simulation equipment.