DHK070F-26-5A waterproof conductive slip ring 26 channels 5A through hole slip ring hole diameter 70mm

DHK070F series waterproof conductive slip ring, through hole diameter 70mm (applicable to any <=70mm), outer diameter: 145mm, number of channels: 26 channels, integral precision conductive slip ring with all-aluminum alloy structure. Supports signal, communication, power supply current of 5A, voltage 380VAC/24VDC. Specifically designed for underwater operations and waterproof operations, industrial-grade products, through-hole installation, waterproof IP65-IP68, gold-gold contact, imported sealing And military-grade electroplating treatment, multi-point contact contacts, waterproof glands for outlet wires, cables, etc. can be customized according to requirements

Typical applications:

        1.Industrial machines:

Drilling platform, winding machine, end face processing machine, hot rolling machine

        2.Rotary table:

Winding machines, filling machines, bottle blowing machines, amusement equipment

        3.Cable reel:

Port machinery, hoisting and lifting equipment, road and bridge machinery, tower

        4.Test equipment:

Centrifugal test bench, separator, testing instrument


Packaging equipment, stackers, process control equipment, compression molding machines

        6.Exhibition/display equipment:

Automobile exhibition stand, revolving door, product exhibition stand, revolving restaurant

        7.Medical equipment:

Shadowless operating lights, helicopters, radar communication equipment