Ingiant highly customized through bore slip ring bore 160mm for offshore platforms

Through Bore Slip Rings are used in applications where the customer requires the bore space for some other capabilities (cooling or air media; optical or RF channels, etc.). The Slip Ring can be designed to accommodate a wide variety of bore sizes.

What is a Through Bore Slip Ring ?

Through Bore Slip Rings can be drum or pancake-style designs which are highly customized for the application. The variety of hollow shaft dimensions is vast, ranging from very narrow to more than 1,000 mm. Through Bore Slip Rings can support signal and/or power transmission. They integrate bearings and provide low torque. Capacity to interface with the host system is a key requirement.

What are Through Bore Slip Rings used for ?

Radar antennas, scanners, aircraft rotors, periscopes, tool machinery, C-UAS systems, sights, high speed carousels, food and beverage machinery, offshore platforms.