DHS027-42 Non-standard customization capsulated miniature slip ring with flange – 22mm diameter, 42 wires

Reliable Power and Signal Transmission through Capsulated Miniature Slip Rings

The perfect slip ring solutions for tight spaces and compact unit dimensions

Our capsulated miniature slip rings are a versatile solution for use in machines on the factory floor. The encapsulated slip ring consists of a rotating and a stationary part. A series of contact rings are mounted on the rotor, which are seeded together. This and the encapsulated housing protect the slip ring from dust and moisture, which extends its service life and reduces maintenance. This slip ring solution is available in various sizes and also in a mini version for applications with limited space.


  • Transmit analog and digital signals
  • Compatible with data bus protocols
  • Extra long life, maintenance-free
  • Easy to install
  • 360°continuous rotation transmits power and data signals

Typical application:

  • Military equipment
  • medical equipment
  • Exhibition and display equipment
  • Manufacturing and control equipment
  • Engineering machinery, testing equipment, packaging machinery, etc.