Ingiant capsulated slip rings 65mm 48 channels with 1 fiber optic

Ingiant Slip Ring transmits data and signals from stationary point to rotary points. The slip rings are usually preferred in robotic technologies, automation. The capsule slip ring with ethernet is used on Pan/Tilt and Gimbal devices. Gimbal that is used to prevent vibrations in video recordings. It acts opposite of vibration direction. Pan/Tilt device can act verticle axis and azimuth angle. Camera can be mounted on this device. With Pan/Tilt camera is directed to the desired point. Pan/Tilt and Gimbal devices are used on application of defence industry. These devices can be mounted to drones, unmanned aerial vehicle, unmanned combat aerial vehicle. They usuallt get the power they need from the UAV.

High-quality capsulated slip rings for combined power and signal transmission for use in space-critical applications. Mechanical and electrical specifications can be adapted according to individual requirements.