DHS022-15-1A standard DHS022 series capsule slip ring 15 channels 1A for high-speed ball machine

DHS022 series 360-degree unrestricted rotation capsule slip ring, outer diameter 22mm, multiple standard models from 6 to 36 channels available, overall length 28-56.3mm. The surface of the ring and the brush are plated with hard gold, and the gold-to-gold contact ensures the stability of product performance and service life. The specially designed V-shaped groove structure conductive ring can maximize the contact surface with the brush and reduce torque and contact resistance. 24 colors of colored wires, easy to install.

Mostly used in civil fields, such as security industry, stage lighting industry, automation equipment, consumer-grade smart home, high-speed dome machine, etc. It can also be designed into 10A, 20A, 30A and other high current and high power hat-type conductive slip rings through parallel rings, which can be used in small wind turbines, induction cookers, rotating dining tables, etc.



  • Suitable for 360° rotation transmission of signals and power, such as control signals, video signals, high-definition signals, Ethernet, sensor signals, etc.
  • Military standard quality, equipped with gold-on-gold contact and beam brushing technology
  • Low torque, low loss, low contact resistance, long life
  • Standardized products available with or without flange
  • Integrated structural design for easy installation