DHS150-71-8F-2Y non-standard customized photoelectric-hydraulic combination slip ring

Special customized photoelectric-hydraulic combination slip ring

 Diameter 150mm, 71 electrical channels, 8 optical fiber channels, 2 hydraulic channels

Special customized combination slip rings need to be customized according to customer requirements. They are usually products with relatively complex structures and high technical content. They are mostly used in military equipment and large-scale mechanical equipment.

Equipment is developing towards more complexity, higher precision, and more functions, and industrial needs are no longer just the transmission of electrical signals.

INGIANT Technology can provide a combination of fiber optic signals, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic pressure, encoders, etc. and electric slip rings. These components can be installed in the hole of the slip ring or at the end of the slip ring, transmitting signals and energy through the center hole of the slip ring. Slip rings can also be embedded into these components to reduce the difficulty of customer use, improve system performance, and make automation easier.