DHS140-140-4F optoelectronic slip rings combined 4-channel fiber optic + 140-channel electrical slip ring

Optoelectronic slip rings :4-channel fiber optic + electrical hybrid slip ring

Optoelectronic slip rings, transmit 4 optical fibers and 1 to 140 electrical channels at the same time. It is an integral precision conductive slip ring with an all-aluminum alloy structure. Electrical path supports signal (2A), 10A, 50A, voltage 600VAC/VDC.

Optoelectronic slip ring uses optical fiber as the data transmission medium to transmit photoelectric signals between relatively rotating components. The photoelectric signals are used to transmit data and signals through modulation and demodulation, because light is subject to little electromagnetic interference from the surroundings, has low attenuation, and has good confidentiality. , The data capacity that can be transmitted is large, so it is the preferred choice for high-end data transmission, especially in high-frequency signals.

Optoelectronic slip rings innovatively combine optical fiber slip rings and electric slip rings, which can transmit large-capacity data, as well as electrical power, medium and low-frequency electrical signals, etc., to meet the requirements of electromechanical systems.


  • Rotating platform and testing equipment;
  • robotics and rotation sensors;
  • filling equipment;
  • medical equipment