DHS027-6-2A-002 Ingiant custom solid shaft compact conductive slip ring OD 27mm 38 channels

Compact Conductive Slip Rings with outer diameter from 5.5mm to 54mm

DHS027-38series is a compact conductive slip ring with OD 27mm ,38channels. Gold to gold contact material ensures low contact resistance, low torque and reliable performance. Electrical power and signal transfer in one unit is workable for this series.


  • Compact design with OD27mm
  • 38 channels
  • Transfer electrical power and signal in one unit
  • Low torque, less than 0.06N.m
  • Operating smoothly and reliability
  • Extremely low electrical noise
  • Convenient to assembly

Typical Applications:
Medical Equipment: Small in size, they are ideal for use in a variety of medical equipment. For example, scanners, dental machinery, and other related equipment.
CCTV Systems: Miniature slip rings help transmit video signals from rotating parts such as PTZ cameras. They are essential for achieving 360-degree continuous rotation
Industrial Machinery: In industries where machines have rotating parts, such as wind turbines, packaging equipment, and conveyor belts.
Robotics: In the field of robotics, these slip rings are used in scenarios where power/signals need to be transmitted between fixed and moving parts.