DHS070-69 Ingiant Military grade OD70mm rotor flange conductive slip ring for rotary table

DHS070-69 series rotor flange conductive slip ring

DHS070-69 series rotor flange conductive slip ring is a general term for a series of slip rings with a rotor part with an outer diameter of 70mm and a connecting flange.

  • Rotor flange slip rings can be used for rotary tables, cable reels, and packaging equipment.
  • Solid slip rings, no through holes in the center, suitable for flange end face installation.
  • More paths and larger currents can be achieved.
  • The internal wiring and special shielding module design are convenient, more stable and reliable.
  • Usually this type of product is used to customize various sensitive signals or encoder signals.

Typical applications:

Industrial machine processing centers, rotary tables, heavy equipment towers, cable reels, packaging equipment, magnetic clutches, process control equipment, rotary sensors, emergency lighting equipment, robots, exhibition/display equipment, medical equipment, revolving doors, etc.;