DHS027-6-2A-002 Ingiant OD 27mm miniature slip ring 6 channels 2A used for scanning machines

Miniature Slip Rings – DHS027-6-2A Series

DHS027-6-2A series is a miniature slip ring with OD 27mm , 6channels 2A. Gold to gold contact material ensures low contact resistance, low torque and reliable performance. Electrical power and signal transfer in one unit is workable for this series.


  • Compact Size: Miniature Slip Rings have a small footprint
  • Multi-Channel Transmission: They can transmit multiple electrical signals, power, and data simultaneously.
  • Low Torque & Noise: Designed for minimal rotational resistance, these slip rings ensure smooth operation and low noise.
  • Long Service Life: Miniature Slip Rings often have long service lives under normal operating conditions, providing reliable performance.
  • Customizability: Manufacturers often tailor Miniature Slip Rings to match specific requirements.
  • High-Speed Applications: Miniature Slip Rings are capable of supporting high-speed rotation without losing any performance reliability.
  • Low Electrical Resistance: reduce energy loss and maintain efficient transmission of signals and power.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Miniature Slip Rings require minimal maintenance efforts to keep them operating efficiently.