DHS099-16-4F Customized photoelectric slip rings combination 4 optical fibers + 16 power or signals

Photoelectric slip ring combination 4 optical fibers + 16 power or signals

Photoelectric slip rings use optical fibers as data transmission media, providing the best technical solution for data transmission between rotatingly connected system components. It is particularly suitable for applications that require unlimited, continuous or intermittent rotation, and at the same time need to transmit large-capacity data and signals from a fixed position to a rotating position. It can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation, and avoid collisions due to the rotation of movable joints. Damage to fiber optics.

Advantages of photoelectric slip rings:

  • The transmission speed is very fast, reaching the Gbps level to meet the needs of high-speed data transmission.
  • The transmission distance is long, which can reach several kilometers or even dozens of kilometers, greatly expanding the transmission range.
  • The transmission signal is stable and free from interference, ensuring reliable transmission of data.
  • Has a long service life, is not easily damaged, and can work stably for a long time.


Typical applications of photoelectric slip rings:

  1. Robot
  2. Material conveying system
  3. Rotating turret on the vehicle
  4. Remote control system
  5. Radar antenna
  6. Transmission and control of high-speed video, digital, and analog signals for optical fiber sensing and other turntables (rate tables)
  7. Medical system
  8. Video surveillance system