Ingiant automation slip rings 27channels used in automation machinery

Automation Slip Rings

The task of Automation slip rings is the reliable transmission of signals and power in electrical form. The mechanical movement of the contact surfaces of brushes and rings towards each other with high quality transmission is the decisive challenge. Due to our technical design, electrical noise, which would be generated by sparking, is reduced to an absolute minimum.

The electrical noise must be minimised for two reasons: firstly, the noise reduces the quality of the signal transmission and secondly, the noise generates an interference signal which, in the form of electromagnetic radiation, can have a detrimental effect on components in the vicinity of the slip ring body. In complex automation technology, mobile power transmission systems of inferior quality can therefore quickly affect process reliability.

For this reason we have developed the series of our Automation slip rings for you. By means of a variety of integrated technologies we reduce potential disturbance variables to a minimum. In this way we protect your production equipment and contribute to efficient operational readiness.