Customized precision military slip rings are widely used in military and defense fields

What is a military slip ring?

Military slip rings and military rotary connectors are widely used in the military and defense fields. Slip rings first appeared in the military field, and later gradually became popular in the civilian field. Conductive slip rings are used in military armored vehicle turntables, military robots, shipborne radar turntables, ship electric propellers, missile launchers, airborne radar turntables, radar guidance, airborne early warning systems, defense systems, etc. Military equipment often has extremely high requirements and has standardized and streamlined development and acceptance processes. The products produced have passed the national military standard acceptance which is also a reflection of the strength level of the slip ring manufacturer.


Military slip ring

Possessing weapons and equipment management certification and providing one-stop solutions including optical transceivers

Ingiant Technology conductive slip rings and rotary joints have been successfully used in the military and national defense fields, and have passed the weapons and equipment quality management system certification, covering both land, sea and air fields. We have in-depth cooperation with domestic institutions, universities and research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In view of the particularity of military slip rings, no substantive information will be released. If necessary, please contact us directly.