Ingiant 360° rotation through hole slip rings for robotics 33mm 24 channels

Ingiant slip rings for robotics:

Robots are at the heart of modern production lines in almost all branches of industry. They take on complex tasks and can be used highly efficiently and flexibly.

Ingiant slip rings from INGIANT have been designed to transmit the power and data of the individual drives and to connect the sensors in all sections of the robot arm. Fast rotation speeds, maintenance-free design, high temperature resistance and compact dimensions are the distinguishing features of our Ingiant slip rings.

In addition to the classic transmission of power and data, slip rings have other tasks in robotics.
Slip rings for channel robots, for example, are often produced with special attention to the transmission of HD video signals and are sometimes supplied with KOAX bushings.

Slip rings for maritime applications are implemented in seawater-resistant housings with high protection classes. Miniature slip rings with only 6mm housing diameter can ensure safe transmission even in very space critical situations.

Slip rings for welding robots are designed for higher current levels to transmit all power elements required for the welding process. Slip rings with hollow shafts offer space for the passage of ropes, cables and lines for liquids or gases.

Depending on the robotics requirements, a wide variety of requirement profiles can also be combined in hybrid slip rings.