Ingiant high rotation speeds small hollow shaft slip rings hole 18mm

Product variety of hollow shaft slip rings

The hollow shaft slip rings are equipped with 2 to 144 rings. Each ring can be designed for rated current up to 10 A. Overvoltages are absorbed up to 500 – 1000 VAC. If voltage peaks above this are to be expected, additional fuse protection is recommended. The hollow shaft slip rings generate electrical noise up to a maximum of 10 mOhm. Their insulation resistance is 500 – 1000 MOhm at 500 VDC.

We offer the hollow shaft slip rings with an inner diameter of 30 – 300 millimetres. Gold-gold or silver-silver contacts are used as contact material in the modules. These precious metals produce only minimal abrasion and are particularly corrosion-resistant. The slip rings are equipped with a cable length of 300 millimetres on both sides as standard. The cables are of the same colour at the input and output. They can be used from -30 °C to +80 °C.