DHK033-16-003 Customized 16 channels through hole slip ring with an inner diameter of 33mm

Through hole slip ring – DHK series

Support customization, product inner diameter 3-500mm, current 2-1000A

A through hole slip ring is a slip ring with a hole in the center, also known as a hollow shaft slip ring, a hole-type slip ring. The through hole slip ring can fully meet the transmission of power, signal, weak current, large current or high voltage under 360-degree unlimited continuous rotation. The main features are low torque, low electrical noise, low loss and easy maintenance.



  • Able to integrate power, signal and data in a rotating transmission system without interference
  • Simultaneous transmission of temperature control signals and thermocouple signals
  • Fiber brush bundle technology ensures reliable contact and low friction coefficient
  • Adopt a more reliable all-metal shell protective structure
  • Integrated design for easy installation
  • 3-500mm aperture optional
  • Extra long life, maintenance-free


Typical applications:

  1. Industrial machines: machining centers, rotary tables
  2. Heavy equipment towers or cable reels, experimental equipment
  3. Packaging equipment, stackers, magnetic clutches, process control equipment
  4. Rotation sensors, emergency lighting equipment, robots
  5. Exhibition/display equipment, medical equipment
  6. Hotel and hotel revolving door control system