DHS028-51 Industrial bus slip ring 28mm 51channels transmits sensor signal

What is an industrial bus slip ring?

The industrial bus mainly solves the digital communication between intelligent instruments, controllers, actuators and other equipment in industrial sites, as well as the information transmission between these on-site control equipment and control systems. The design of the bus will directly affect the performance, reliability, scalability and upgradeability of the entire microcomputer system. According to the working principle of conductive slip rings, theoretically all industrial data bus rotation transmission problems can be solved by electric slip rings.


Industrial bus slip ring

Industrial data bus conductive slip ring customization

Industrial bus slip rings are specially designed for various industrial bus data transmission. Supports different bus types, such as CANBUS, Profibus, EtherNET, DeviceNET, RS422, RS485, RS232, PLC, DP, CC-LINK, etc.


  • Can transmit current, sensor, control circuit, Ethernet and other signals
  • Stable performance, large return loss, small insertion loss, anti-crosstalk
  • Unique coating process, long service life
  • Optional RJ45 network interface
  • Compatible with data communication protocols
  • Multi-contact brush, long service life
  • Integrated structural design, easy to install
  • Support customized needs
  • Support high-speed transmission protocol
  • No packet loss, no crosstalk, patented structural design