DHS040-38-003 40mm diameter Ethernet slip ring transmits 20A current and 100M Ethernet signal

DHS040 Series – Ethernet Slip Ring

The Ethernet slip ring is specially designed for 250MHz frequency signals. It is designed to transmit 100M/1000M Ethernet signals. It has stable transmission, no packet loss, no cross-coding, small return loss, small insertion loss, strong anti-interference ability, and supports POE and other advantages.

  • Ethernet slip rings can mix electrical power channels and signal channels
  • Can transmit up to 8 Ethernet channels simultaneously
  • Provide RJ45 connector for direct plugging and unplugging Support RJ45 connector
  • American military coating technology, precious metal + super hard gold plating treatment
  • Ultra-low BER bit error rate and ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio
  • Various types of Gigabit Ethernet slip rings, 1000M network cable slip rings, network slip rings, etc. can be customized



Typical applications: various rotating advertising slip rings, radars, security equipment, entertainment equipment, various robots, manipulators, various aerostats, various wind power equipment bottle blowing machines, light inspection machines, various turntables, amusement games Equipment, virtual 3D, VR equipment, vehicle-mounted satellite antenna, ship-mounted satellite wire, cable reel, window cleaning machine equipment, rotating dining table, rotating stage, rotating screen, rotating restaurant, electric engineering machinery, the latest VR simulation equipment, etc. .