DHS056-48-1S OD 56mm HD video slip ring with 1channel high-definition video signal and electric hybrid slip ring

HD video slip ring High-definition video rotary joints

DHS056-48-1S series HD video slip ring / HD video rotary joint, HD-SDI electrical slip ring, supports 1 channel HD-SDI high-definition signal (coaxial cable) + 1~48 channels (1A) transmission at the same time, a high-end conductive slip ring specially designed and developed for HD video signal 1080P. The maximum rate can reach 3GHZ, and it can mix 1~30 channels of signals and power current 10A or more.

The product adopts special surface treatment technology and ultra-hard gold plating treatment to ensure extremely low resistance fluctuation and ultra-long working life.

Mainly used to transmit weak control signals and weak currents of small and medium-sized systems. Such as video, control, sensing, power supply, Ethernet.

Typical applications:

Various high-end camera cars, filming equipment, unmanned vehicles, drone pods, industrial drone pods, high-definition camera pan/tilts, ball cameras, etc.;