Ingiant DHS078 series Industrial bus slip ring DP communication signal + power

Industrial bus slip ring DHS078 series, outer diameter 78mm, solid shaft structure, suitable for rotating applications requiring outer diameter ≤78mm. 1080P) transmission. The contact part adopts rare metal + hard gold plating process to ensure wear resistance and oxidation resistance, thus ensuring a long service life. It can also ensure uninterrupted and continuous transmission of gas circuits, circuits, signal circuits and bus signals. The product design is cutting-edge. Precise processing and guaranteed quality.


Industrial data bus conductive slip ring customization

Industrial bus slip rings are specially designed for various industrial bus data transmission. Supports different bus types, such as CANBUS, Profibus, EtherNET, DeviceNET, RS422, RS485, RS232, PLC, DP, CC-LINK, etc.



  • Multi-contact brush, long service life
  • Integrated structural design, easy to install
  • Support customized needs
  • Support high-speed transmission protocol
  • No packet loss, no crosstalk, patented structural design


Typical applications:

  • Automated cement production line
  • Automotive welding production line
  • Steel pipe cold rolling mill