DHK038-5-5A hole diameter 38mm through hole slip ring 5 channels 5A

Standard through hole slip ring DHK038 series

Product advantages:

  • Standard through hole slip ring, with various number of channels and currents optional
  • Designed with a 38mm center through hole specially designed for hydraulic or pneumatic transmission shaft installation
  • Using advanced fiber brush technology to ensure low friction, low contact resistance, and no friction debris
  • It has high rotation accuracy, more stable performance and longer life.
  • 360° continuous rotation to transmit analog or data signals, compatible with data bus protocol
  • Can transmit signals such as Ethernet,USB, RS, Canbus and Firewire



  • Transmit analog and data signals
  • Compatible with data bus protocol
  • Super long life, maintenance-free
  • Easy to install
  • 360° continuous rotation to transmit power and data signals


Typical applications include automation equipment, work turntables, camera pan/tilts, robots, etc