DHS022-22-002 22mm outer diameter UAV slip ring gimbal slip ring small slip ring can transmit various control signals

      DHS022-22-002 small slip ring has an outer diameter of 22mm and is suitable for rotating applications requiring an outer diameter of ≤22mm. The standard model supports 1-36 rings to meet different signals (Analog, RS232/RS485, Inter bus, Device Net, CC-Link, SERCOS interface, Control Net, Field buses, Can open, Profibus, Mod bus, Fipio, USB 2.0 High speed, Fast Ethernet, Certified to 1000-BaseT, HD-SDI 1080P) transmission.



  • Multi-contact brush, long service life
  • Integrated structural design, easy to install
  • Support customized needs
  • Support high-speed transmission protocol
  • No packet loss, no crosstalk, patented structural design

Application areas: aerial photography drones, high-speed domes, small pan-tilts, stage lights, small Ferris wheels.