DHS078-46-3F-1Q Non-standard customized hybrid slip ring combination 3-way optical fiber and 1-way pneumatic

Hybrid slip rings for simultaneous transmission of gas、optical fiber and electrics (power, signals)

The gas and light combined slip ring uses pneumatic and light transmission methods respectively to transmit gas and light signals to the rotating part.

Gas and optical fiber transmission channels are respectively installed inside the gas and light combined slip ring to realize the transmission of different media. Since gas and optical fiber transmission have their own characteristics, gas and optical combined slip rings can achieve a wider range of application scenarios.

Modern industrial equipment needs to transmit gas quickly and stably during processing, assembly, testing, etc., which requires the use of pneumatic slip rings. In fields such as medical equipment and high-definition photography, high-speed and high-precision optical signals need to be transmitted, and optical slip rings are needed.