DHK143-35 ID143mm through hole slip rings have 35 electrical channels used for automatic potting machines

Through hole slip ring – DHK143 series

Support customization, standardized product inner diameter 3-500mm, current 2-1000A

DHK143-35 series through-hole electric slip ring, inner hole 143mm, suitable for rotating electromechanical systems with diameter less than 143mm, standard power ring 20A/ring, maximum 48 rings, signal ring 5A/ring, maximum 96 rings, used for 360 degrees Transmit power or signals in rotating systems. Mostly used in milking machine turntables, automatic potting machines, hose production equipment, etc.


  • Able to integrate power, signal and data in a rotating transmission system without interference
  • Simultaneous transmission of temperature control signals and thermocouple signals
  • Fiber brush bundle technology ensures reliable contact and low friction coefficient
  • Adopt a more reliable all-metal shell protective structure
  • Integrated design for easy installation
  • 3-500mm aperture optional
  • 0-20A current, 0~600VAC/VDC voltage optional
  • 1-300 channels optional