DHK100-129 Industrial bus slip ring with aperture 100mm transmits 129 channels of different power and signals

Industrial bus slip ring DHK100 series

Industrial bus slip ring DHK100-129 series, inner diameter 100mm, through-hole structure, suitable for rotating applications requiring outer diameter ≤ 100mm. Supports 129 rings to meet different signals (Analog, RS232/RS485, Inter bus, Device Net, CC-Link, SERCOS interface, Control Net, Field buses, Can open, Profibus, Mod bus, Fipio, USB 2.0 High speed, Fast Ethernet , Certified to 1000-BaseT, HD-SDI 1080P) transmission.


  • Can transmit current, sensor, control circuit, Ethernet and other signals
  • Stable performance, large return loss, small insertion loss, anti-crosstalk
  • Unique coating process, long service life
  • Optional RJ45 network interface
  • Compatible with data communication protocols
  • Multi-contact brush, long service life
  • Integrated structural design, easy to install
  • Support customized needs
  • Support high-speed transmission protocol

Mainly used in bus communication between various encoders, servo motors and various controllers in industrial automation control, such as lithium battery equipment, various high-end intelligent equipment, various laser equipment, etc.