DHK070F-94 IP65 waterproof slip ring , Gigabit Ethernet,hollow shaft slip ring

Waterproof slip ring hollow shaft slip ring series, supports signal (2A), 10A, magnification *10A, voltage 600VACNDC. Used for micro voltage, high frequency, EMF, thermocouple, computer signal, strain gauge, current, Inter of any rotating body Bus, Can-Bus, RS422, RS485, PLC control, digital/analog video, digital audio, Gigabit Ethernet, heavy crystal sensor signal and power connection, Ingiant precision conductive slip ring has rigorous design, stable performance and leading technology.



  • Specifically designed for underwater operations, waterproof operations, and rain protection
  • Industrial grade product, flange installation, IP65, IP68 optional;
  • Customized combinations can be used to transmit USB, Ethernet, optical fiber and other signals;
  • Gold-gold contact, using imported sealing and military-grade electroplating treatment;
  • The shell is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and has better protection.


Typical applications:

Undersea robot slip ring, underwater submarine special slip ring, underwater musical fountain special slip ring, underwater robot slip ring, offshore engineering slip ring, agricultural machinery special slip ring, forest operation equipment slip ring