DHS175-65-1F Non-standard customized Military photoelectric slip ring 1channel fiber optic and 65channles electrical signal

Non-standard customized DHS175-65-1F Military photoelectric slip ring, photoelectric rotary joint, solid shaft, diameter 175mm, 65-channel electrical signal combination 1optical fiber, aviation plug-in interface.It is easy to install, disassemble and replace, eliminating the trouble of welding wires and improving stability and reliability.

Military photoelectric slip ring requires stable performance, long life, and maintenance-free, which fully meets the high protection level, high and low temperature resistance (-55℃~+120℃), vibration resistance, impact resistance, high voltage resistance, and low electrical noise (less than 5mΩ), isolation greater than 60db, extremely low signal transmission loss and other special requirements.

Military photoelectric slip rings are used in shipboard radar turntables, rotating turrets on military armored vehicles, military mixers, military robots (demining), airborne radar turntables/guidance/airborne early warning systems, ship electric thrusters, radar guidance, missile launches, defense system etc.