DHK030-4-003 30mm hole diameter through hole conductive slip ring 4channels support customization

Through hole conductive slip ring – DHK series

Support customization, standardized product inner diameter 12-400mm

DHK030 series through hole conductive slip ring, through hole diameter 30mm (applicable to any <=30mm), outer diameter: 99mm, number of channels: 1-48, integral precision conductive slip ring with all-aluminum alloy structure. Supports signal (2A) or 10A, 15A, 30A power supply current, voltage 380VAC/24VDC, working voltage can be customized to 1000V; protection level can be customized to IP68



  • Unique contact design provides longer life and maintenance-free stable operation (no lubricant required)
  • Modular design to meet higher current, speed, appearance and other needs
  • Diversified appearance to support more installation requirements
  • Support signal, power and their mixed transmission
  • Can support 1-126 channel expansion
  • Can meet the requirements widely used in current industrial fields

Typical applications

  1. Industrial machines: drilling platforms, winding machines, end-face processing machines, hot rolling machines
  2. Rotary workbench: winding machine, filling machine, bottle blowing machine, amusement equipment
  3. Cable reel: port machinery, hoisting and lifting equipment, road and bridge machinery, tower
  4. Test equipment: centrifugal test bench, separator, testing instrument
  5. Robots: packaging equipment, stackers, process control equipment, molding machines
  6. Exhibition/display equipment: car booths, revolving doors, product booths, revolving restaurants
  7. Medical equipment: shadowless surgical lights, helicopters, radar communication equipment