Ingiant through hole slip ring super long life 22 channels 5A

In the through hole slip ring, the number of rings is a very important parameter, and it is also a decisive factor for the price of the slip ring. The number of rings in the through-hole series ranges from 1 to 200, and the price of different rings varies greatly. Therefore, in the manufacturing process, the larger the number of rings, the more complex the manufacturing process. For insulation, sometimes it may be necessary to use newer materials. This is why slip rings with large rings and small volume are very expensive.

Through hole slip rings have been widely used in new fields such as automation equipment, automation testing equipment, automation robots, and manipulators. Since the quantity of through-hole slip rings is not very large, many of them require custom processing and custom production, so the individual price is relatively high, unlike cap slip rings, each type has certain standard parts, and the unit price Relatively cheaper.