DHK242-43 large hole diameter 242mm through hole Ethernet slip rings combined 2channels 100M Ethernet

DHK242-43 series large hole through hole Ethernet slip rings, inner hole 242mm, outer diameter 318.4mm, combined with 2channels 100M Ethernet slip rings. It is suitable for rotating electromechanical systems with a diameter less than 242mm, and is used to transmit power or signals in 360-degree rotating systems. It can be used in automated industrial control systems, automated electrical transmission systems, intelligent filling robots, etc.


  • Multi-contact brush contact design, long service life
  • It has the advantages of stable transmission, no packet loss, anti-crosstalk, large return loss and low insertion loss.
  • Integrated structural design, easy to install
  • Stable transmission of 2 channels of 100M Ethernet signals
  • IP 54 protection level, IP68 can be customized
  • Can integrate multiple signals and be compatible with multiple data protocols
  • Maintenance-free use

Typical applications: medical equipment, CNC turntables, CNC machining centers, automation equipment, robotic arms, wire reels, cable reels, packaging machinery, filling equipment, wind turbines, etc. For applications in new fields such as automated robots, fully automatic inspection equipment, and VR in the era of artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0