DHK327-30 Customized through hole pancake slip ring 327mm large pore size

Pancake slip ring is a slip ring that is used in limited height space and expands the lateral space to meet the requirements of special space series. The typical characteristics are small height and large outer diameter, like a plate, so it is called a disc slip ring. The contacts are made of precious metals, which have the characteristics of high stability, low torque, low loss and maintenance-free, low electrical noise, and super long service life.

DHK327-30 series large pore size through hole pancake slip ring, through hole diameter 327mm, number of channels: 30, an integral precision conductive slip ring with an all-aluminum alloy structure. Supports signal (2A) or 10A, 15A, 30A power supply current, voltage 380VAC/24VDC, working voltage can be customized to 1000V; protection level can be customized to IP65/IP68.

  • The thinnest thickness can reach 15.8mm
  • The disc-type conductive slip ring adopts a special vacuum infusion process
  • The shrapnel contacts are made of precious metals, which have high stability and reliability.


Mainly used in occasions with strict restrictions on installation height, requiring 360-degree continuous rotation and ensuring that power supply, digital signals, and analog signals cannot be interrupted: such as revolving doors, medical CT, security inspection equipment, and other industrial automation equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment, and welding Robots etc.