DHK150-7 standard series through hole slip ring hole diameter 150mm 7 channels power

DHK150-7 series through hole slip ring, through hole diameter 150mm

DHK150-7 is a standard series through hole slip ring, through hole diameter 150mm (applicable to any <=150mm), 7-channel power precision conductive slip ring. Support power 10A, magnification *10A, voltage 440VAC/VDC. High rotation accuracy, more stable performance, longer life. The contact material is made of precious metal + super-hard gold plating, with small torque, stable operation, long life, small resistance fluctuation, small contact resistance, and excellent transmission performance.

Typical applications include automation equipment, work turntables, camera pans, robots, etc.


Product features

  • Integrate power, signal and data in a rotating transmission system without interference
  • Transmit temperature control signal and thermocouple signal at the same time
  • Brush bundle process ensures reliable contact and low friction coefficient
  • Multi-contact brush contact design, long service life
  • Integrated structure design, easy installation
  • IP 54 protection level, customizable IP68
  • Can integrate multiple signals, compatible with multiple data protocols
  • Maintenance-free use