DHK070F-2-10A Through hole waterproof conductive slip ring 70MM 2channels 10A with IP65-IP68 protection grade

Through hole waterproof conductive slip ring DHK070F-2-10A series
DHK070F-2-10A series waterproof conductive slip ring has IP65-IP68 protection level and is designed for waterproof and dustproof environment. It adopts high-quality precious metal brush wire and patented design structure to effectively reduce interference between circuits and electrical noise, with low torque and long life. The product has an inner diameter of 70mm, an outer diameter of 145mm, and a through-hole appearance structure. The standard type supports 1-48 power rings (0-20A/ring) or 1-96 signal rings (0~5A/ring).

Product features

  • Maintenance-free use
  • One-piece structural design, easy installation
  • Provide standard series products, low procurement cost
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel shell, suitable for underwater environment
  • Multi-contact design, long service life
  • Support 1-96 channel circuit or signal (0~20A/channel)
  • Up to IP68 protection level

Typical applications

  • Use the device in dusty environments
  • Use the device in humid environments
  • Use the device in underwater environments