DHK025-50-5A Standard low noise through hole slip ring hole diameter 25mm for automatic packaging machine

25mm through hole slip ring

DHK series through hole slip rings are specially designed with a central hole to facilitate the installation of hydraulic channels, pneumatic channels or drive shafts. They adopt advanced brush-bush multi-point contact to ensure reliable contact with extremely low friction.


  • Super long life, maintenance-free
  • Through hole diameter is optional from 3mm-500mm;
  • The conductive slip ring adopts a modular design, which can be arbitrarily expanded according to the power and signal requirements, and provides different electrical path combinations;
  • High sealing level is optional, up to IP68.
  • Adopt advanced precious metal multi-point contact fiber brush technology, which has higher reliability
  • We can provide non-standard customization with fast delivery, reliable quality and competitive price according to customer requirements.