DHK060-26 standard series hollow shaft slip ring high-end rotating conductive hollow shaft slip ring

DHK060 series is a standard bore hollow shaft slip ring with a bore diameter of 60mm. It can stably transmit 1 to 108 channels of current or signals, and is suitable for any device with a rotation axis ≤ 60mm that requires 360° rotation to conduct electricity or transmit various signals.


Ingiant Technology Hollow Shaft Slip Rings:

  • Fully meets the mixed transmission of power, control and signals for 360-degree unlimited rotation, meeting the needs of multi-functional systems;
  • The hollow shaft conductive slip ring adopts advanced fiber brush multi-point contact technology, which is maintenance-free, low friction, low noise, and has a long service life;
  • It has accumulated rich design and production experience in high and low temperature, shockproof, anti-corrosion, waterproof and other application requirements, and can fully meet customers’ different transmission solutions;
  • Standardized and modular design, complete product specifications, and customized products according to customer requirements.


Typical application:

Mostly used in drying equipment (such as dryers, drying and sterilizing equipment, grain dryers, etc.), cast film equipment, and three-phase AC and DC instrument calibration Devices, amusement facilities (such as children’s ride series amusement machines, carousels), grinding and polishing machines, cranes, special security equipment, movie equipment and other devices that require 360° rotation to conduct electricity or transmit various control signals.