DHS042-26 diameter 42mm Industrial bus slip ring applied to lithium battery equipment

Industrial bus slip rings are specially designed for various industrial bus data transmission. Supports different bus types, such as CANBUS, Profibus, EtherNET, DeviceNET, RS422, RS485, RS232, PLC, DP, CC-LINK, etc.

Industrial bus slip ring DHS042-26 series, outer diameter 42mm, solid shaft slip ring, suitable for rotating applications requiring outer diameter ≤ 42mm. The standard model supports 1-82 rings to meet different signals (Analog, RS232/RS485, Inter bus, Device Net, CC-Link, SERCOS interface, Control Net, Field buses, Can open, Profibus, Mod bus, Fipio, USB 2.0 High speed, Fast Ethernet, Certified to 1000-BaseT, HD-SDI 1080P) transmission.


  • Multi-contact brush, long service life
  • Integrated structural design, easy to install
  • Support customized needs
  • Support high-speed transmission protocol
  • No packet loss or crosstalk

Mainly used in bus communication between various encoders, servo motors and various controllers in industrial automation control, such as lithium battery equipment, various high-end intelligent equipment, various laser equipment, etc.