DHK090-22 Standard bore 90mm hollow shaft slip ring with aviation plug

Standard series hollow shaft slip ring, through hole diameter 90mm. Support signal (2A), 10A, magnification *10A, voltage 240VAC/VDC.

Compared with similar products, it has high rotation accuracy, more stable performance and longer life. The contact material is made of precious metal + super-hard gold plating, which has small torque, stable operation, long life, small resistance fluctuation, and small contact resistance, ensuring excellent transmission performance.

Typical applications include automation equipment, work turntables, camera pan/tilts, robots, etc.


  • Industrial grade -40℃~+85℃ temperature range;
  • Automated production of key nodes with extremely high reliability and consistency;
  • Compact structure design, smooth operation and low torque;
  • The surface of the ring is very smooth, with a surface roughness of <0.5μm, which avoids the phenomenon of brush filament flashing and early powder accumulation;
  • Low electrical noise, no electromagnetic interference, low loss
  • Military grade adopts wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant three-level superhard gold technology, and its hardness, strength, wear resistance and conductivity are better than the international military standards for connector contacts;
  • Mainly used in power supply and signal rotation transmission of intelligent industry, engineering machinery, robots, robotic arms and automation equipment.

Transmission signal:

Mixed transmission of current, electrical signals, radio frequency, data, gas, liquid and other media.