DHK030-2-10A through hole slip ring hole diameter 30mm 2 channels 2A electrical power

Through hole slip rings are a general term for a series of conductive slip rings with a hole in the center. They are mainly used to transmit precision signals, weak currents, large currents, and high voltages;

  • Mainly designed for gas and liquid pipelines to pass through or rotating motor shafts
  • Adopt advanced precious metal cluster brush multi-point contact to ensure reliable contact with extremely low friction.
  • Through hole diameter from 3mm to 500mm
  • Easy to install
  • Extra long life, maintenance-free
  • Support signal and power mixed transmission
  • The number of circuits, current and voltage can be customized based on standard models
  • Various types of hollow shaft conductive slip rings, through-hole slip rings, through-hole conductive slip rings, hollow shaft slip rings, etc. can be customized

Typical applications:

DHK030 series of integral precision conductive slip rings are mainly used in situations where 360-degree continuous rotation requires guaranteed power supply and uninterrupted signals: mostly used in packaging machinery, automated machine tools, coating machines, automatic screw-locking machines, gun-piercing carpet robots, and intelligent grinding machines. Cutting robots, polishing machines, intelligent warehousing robots, cable reels, molding machines, centrifuges, warehousing logistics vehicles, spraying equipment and other devices that require 360° rotation to conduct electricity or transmit various control signals.