DHS032-32-5A capsulated slip rings with flange diameter 32mm 32channels 5A

Capsulated Slip Rings with outer diameter from 5.5mm to 54mm

High-quality capsulated slip rings for combined power and signal transmission for use in space-critical applications. Mechanical and electrical specifications can be adapted according to individual requirements.

Advantages of Capsulated Slip Rings

The encapsulation protects the inner workings of the slip rings against the following disturbances, depending on the level of protection and enclosure material:

  • Intrusion of dust
  • Ingress of moisture
  • Electrical interference
  • Vibration
  • Slip
  • Shocks, blows and vibrations

Ingress of dust, especially electrically conductive metal or coal dust, will cause short circuits in a very short time. Since the contact rings and the sliding contacts are not insulated, they react extremely sensitively to penetrating dust. Non-conductive dust can settle on the rotating components and form an undesirable insulating layer.