DHS030-7-3A Premium Industrial Grade capsulated slip ring 30mm 7channels 3A

Advantages of Capsulated Slip Rings

The encapsulation protects the inner workings of the slip rings against the following disturbances, depending on the level of protection and enclosure material:

  • Intrusion of dust
  • Ingress of moisture
  • Electrical interference
  • Vibration
  • Slip
  • Shocks, blows and vibrations

Maintenance of Capsulated Slip Rings

The capsulated slip rings are maintenance-free. They cannot be disassembled. The components are pressed and capsulated at the factory in such a way that they provide consistent reliability and transmission quality over their entire service life. Afterwards, the inexpensive components can be easily exchanged and replaced with a new part. Apart from external cleaning and regular checks of the non-locking rotatability, the capsulated miniature slip rings require no maintenance work.