DHS120-17-002 Solid shaft capsulated slip ring diameter 120mm 17 channels with flange

The rotor part of the capsulated slip ring is equipped with a flange. The slip ring is directly connected to the customer’s flange and rotates continuously. It is mainly used in situations where continuous rotation of 360 degrees requires ensuring power supply and uninterrupted signals.


  • Solid slip ring with no through hole in the center, suitable for flange end mounting.
  • Can achieve more channels and larger current.
  • Internal wiring and special shielding modules are conveniently designed and more stable and reliable.
  • Usually such products are used to customize various types of sensitive signals or encoder signals

Application scenarios: such as various cable reel slip rings, filling machine slip rings, molding machine slip rings, human health testing equipment slip rings, robot arms, surgical lights, shadowless lamps, special slip rings for heaters, LED advertising lights, rolls Wire reels, grinding and polishing machines, spraying equipment, cable reels, warehousing and logistics trucks, cranes, special slip rings for single crystal furnaces, sweeping robots with cameras, slip rings for roasting seeds and nuts, etc.