DHS180-4-400A-003-1 High current slip ring 4 channels each 400A with diameter 180mm

DHS180 series High current slip ring

  • A collector ring with an outer diameter of 180mm and high power and current.
  • Rated current ranges from 50A 100A to over 1000A.
  • High rotation accuracy, more stable performance and longer life.
  • The contact material is made of precious metal and super-hard gold plating.
  • Small torque, stable operation, long life, small resistance fluctuation, small contact resistance, ensuring stable transmission performance.
  • Shaft or flange mounting optional
  • Outlets or binding posts optional


Typical applications

  • Small wind turbine.
  • Electrical test equipment.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Robots, test instruments, turntables
  • Automation equipment