DHS140-198 Servo slip ring customization accepted, 1-4 standard motors optional

Servo Slip Ring – DHS140 Series

Customization accepted, 1-4 standard motors optional

Servo slip rings are conductive slip rings used in servo encoders and servo motors. Servo slip rings can save a lot of cables and installation work. Suitable for various servo motors and stepper motors, it can not only supply power but also transmit various data. Usually gold-to-gold contact is used, and the design is reasonable to avoid internal and external interference.


  • Can mix other switching signals and power lines, buses such as Profibus, Profinet…
  • Can be mixed with other gas-liquid rotary joints.
  • Internal wiring and special shielding module design can completely prevent the encoder from reporting error codes.
  • Gold-gold contact, extremely high reliability, many years of experience in using Siemens/Heidenhain large-scale control systems
  • The contact part adopts rare metal + hard gold plating process to ensure wear resistance and oxidation resistance, thus ensuring a long service life.
  • Can customize various types of servo motor slip rings, encoder conductive rings, automated servo system slip rings, etc.

Typical applications:

Mainly used in various servo systems at home and abroad: such as Japan’s Yaskawa, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, German Siemens servo motors, French Schneider servo motors, German Lenz servo motors, Austrian B&R servo motors, Keba servo motors, Israeli Fagor servo motors , Germany’s Beckhoff servo motor, Elmo servo motor, American AB servo motor, Ruinuo servo motor, and China’s Delta servo motor, TECO servo motor, Shenzhen Inovance servo motor, Huazhong CNC servo motor, Lechuang servo motor , Guangtai CNC, etc.;